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Tenancy Agreements, Employment Law UK, Shareholder Agreements - Legal Forms

At Legalpulse we want you to be able to access basic legal documents and useful information without it costing a fortune.

We provide legal forms covering several areas of UK law including:

  • Tenancy Agreements
  • UK Employment Law
  • Shareholder Advice

Legal Tenancy Information

UK laws relating to tenancy agreements (including shorthold tenancy agreements) and letting agreements are extremely complicated, some dating from very far back. It is of utmost importance to ensure you have a written UK tenancy agreement before letting someone use your property. A fixed shorthold tenancy is very desirable as otherwise your tenant may acquire rights to occupy the property making it difficult for you to get it back.

You can download tenancy agreements from Legalpulse covering both flats on the premises and separate property UK tenancy agreements.

Employment Legal Documents
UK employment law can be very confusing, but to help you make sense of UK employment contracts and legal forms Legalpulse have a wide range of sample UK employments contracts available to download for you to alter to suit your needs.

It is important to ensure that all employees are under valid UK employment contracts - we can help you make sense of UK employment law, covering employment legal documents and UK contracts of employment.

We can also offer redundancy advice for when you have to make people redundant, which is normally a very stressful time for everyone involved. Our downloadable redundancy advice guides help you to do it properly and make it as easy as it can be.

For those about to lose their jobs who want redundancy advice we can provide answers to the common questions people need to know. Our redundancy advice guide is written by managers and solicitors which will help you to know your entitlements, and to understand how the redundancy process works.
Shareholder Advice

When forming a UK company, setting out the relationships of all parties involved is an important step. A UK shareholder agreement outlines each partner's share of the company, how the business is to be run and what will happen should difficulties in the business arise.

To make it as simple as possible to set up a shareholder agreement, in addition to the shareholders agreement itself, we also include shareholder advice in the form of a plain English explanation of all the clauses in the agreement, a flowchart for forming a company, and useful parts of Companies Act 1985.
Legalpulse - purchase UK legal forms including tenancy agreements, employment legal documents and contracts, redundancy advice and shareholder agreements.

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